The MilComp section will start training on the 4th and end on the 5th with competitions on the 6th to 8th. The awards ceremony will be on the 9th of August. All events take place at the Estonian Defence League Männiku shooting range on the outskirts of Tallinn and the accommodation is in the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences


Serious and urgent request to all Nations: Nations to provide their Milcomp representative’s e-mail addresses to the above individuals.

Urgent request to nations:  Nations to provide team numbers, female and male participants, management team numbers (1 x Head of Milcomp Delegation, 1 x Team Captain, 2 x Coaches , 1 x Physiotherapist, 1 x Technical Jury member if elected) to the above individuals.

Update concerining the shooting competition:
  • The weapon for the pistol shooting will be Heckler & Koch USP, 9x19mm Parabellum.
  • Adjustments of the sights of the M14 rifle is done by knobs without any tools. One click on both knobs (Elevation and Windage) corresponds to 5 cm up-dowm and left-right respectively, on the targets at 200 m.



* In accordance to a decision of CIOR Council, a country based discount code is asked when purchasing a ticked to the event. Each CIOR member nation and partner organisation has its own discount code and it has been distributed to the national member organisations.  

Dear Colleagues,

In Tallinn CIOMR will organize a CCC test, as has been done in previous years. It has been scheduled for Aug 8th 2019.

The test will be based on the CIOMR  CCC Manual (v3.2  2018).
The Manual follows the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines that have recently been accepted by COMEDS (the Surgeons General of NATO) as the standard for prehospital care. The Manual is also in accordance  with STANAG 2122.

On the CIOMR website ( -> committees -> operational medicine committee ->  resource page) you will find:
– the CCC Manual, with a Summary and Flowcharts
– a videoclip demonstrating relevant techniques
– a description of how the test is put together and how scoring is done

As soon as descriptions with detailed pictures are available of the equipment (IFAK: Individual First Aid Kit) that will be used during the test, they too will be put on the CIOMR website. That equipment will also be demonstrated preceding the test itself.

Three additional remarks:
– competitors will be assessed as a team and also individually
– this year extra attention will be paid to the correct sequence of
assessing a casualty (as described in the CCC Manual)
– competitors may encounter “external” (i.e. non-CIOMR) referees

As in previous years competitors will be briefed 1 or 2 days before the test itself.

With kind regards,
Col Lewis D. NEACE, DO, USAFR (ret), OMC chairman
Capt Dawn LEBLANC, Nurse Practitioner, CF, OMC secretary (vacancy) OMC vice-chair