Workshop materials

Protocols Additional to the Geneva Convention (download)

Protocols Additional 1 & 2 to the Geneva Convention

Operation “Diamond” non-international armed conflict (download)

Operation Diamond – Non-International Armed Conflict

Operation “Diamond” international armed conflict (download)

Operation Diamond – International Armed Conflict

Map of Scar Island (download)

CIOR CIOMR LOAC Course – Map of Scar Island

YROW (Young Reserve Officers Workshop) is a professional development program conducted simultaneously during the annual CIOR Summer Congress. This week long workshop is designed to become a junior reserve officer’s first exposure to a multi-national environment and to colleagues from other NATO countries and PfP nations. It constitutes a unique annual professional development opportunity for approximately sixty junior reserve officers.

Further details on YROW web page.

The YROW sessions will be held in the Nordic Hotel Forum, Viru väljak 3.


* In accordance to a decision of CIOR Council, a country based discount code is asked when purchasing a ticked to the event. Each CIOR member nation and partner organisation has its own discount code and it has been distributed to the national member organisations.